Poem: My Kids’ Fears of The Monster Birds 

Tonight, when the Saudi-led coalition’s warplanes were hovering, hitting and bombing my city, Sana’a the capital of Yemen, I remembered the first time that Saudi airstrikes hit my city on March 26, 2015. I remembered how my little kids were afraid of the flashes and sounds of the bombs that were thrown on my city by Saudi’s warplanes. I remembered my kids’ cries and the fears on their eyes. I remembered how I tried to calm down them by lying that those sounds and light flashes are caused by lightning and thunder.

I was inspired tonight by those memories and feelings so I wrote this poem.

Roaring, flashing, rumbling.

It frightens the little kids.

Flashes illuminating the dark of the swarthiness.

Rumbles of the thunder shattering the solace of the darkness.

Eyes wide open, listening.

Just answers that my Little kids were full of hunger.

questioning that I was put under.

I could not slake my kids’ wonders.

I could not give the truth answers.

Telling lies to die down their shudders.

Lying that were lightning and thunder.

Still, they could not slumber.

Turning up again.

Roarin’, flashin’, rumblin’.

Everything were joltin’.

Kids were cryin’.

Homeless dogs were whinin’.

My Kids’ queries were arisen.

Monster birds hovering in full sail.

blustering that your lives we now assail.

Time to know, lies were of no avail.

Looking out into the blackness of night.

Seeing the flashes of blinding light.

The rumble of the so-called thunder…

Drowning out our shouts of fear and doubt…

Then the whole world was darker.

I am looking forward to receiving your opinion about my poem.

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