Poem: Hugging The Madness

This is the most recent poem I have written.Β 

I hope you enjoyed it.

Hugging The Madness

Avidly, I wait for you at every darkness,
After the sun blushed shyly and wore its nightdress,
Along with moonlight, memories start to egress.

Be bathed in the falls of the tears,
Swimming through the ocean of fears,
Deepening through the silent spheres.

Never will I worry about your silence,
Whenever I wait for you in defiance,
Longing and craving are widely increasing,
Raving is popping and Lusting is looming.

At every darkness,
And through my sadness,
I will wait for you,
To hug the muteness,
To hug the madness.

I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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