Poem: Looking For You

Sometimes you feel that you are looking for someone whom you miss, because you haven’t realized you fell in love with her/him until s/he went away, and you don’t know where s/he is now.

Looking For YouΒ 

Looking for you;
through the love poems and the love stories,
looking for your lineaments and smiles;
for your voice tones and lovely caress;
through the moans of lovers and their longings,
in their praises, flirtations and pulses.

Looking for you;
through the phrases and whispers;
in all the greatest novels,
Looking for you;
to present songs to my heart,
to appease my eagerness,
to quench my terrible thirst.

Looking for you;
to be the beacon for my days;
in the darkness of the cravings,
in the ocean of the yearnings.

Β© 2016 Wajdi Almowafak

I am looking forward to receiving your opinions about my poem.

14 thoughts on “Poem: Looking For You

      1. The story of a lost love ❀️..
        that we keep hoping we will find again in everything that reminds us of when we had them there with us..
        The longing and craving.. for the one we let get away 🚢🏻..

        Liked by 2 people

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