Poem: The Black Saturday 

On Saturday, 8 October 2016, airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition hit a funeral hall packed with thousands of mourners in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, and local health officials indicate that over 140 people were killed and more than 525 wounded, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Yemen said.

It really was a black Saturday for all Yemeni people, that they will not forget this carnage forever.

You can read about this massacre on The New York Times, or on Russia Today News.

I was so sad and angry when I watched the mutilated and charred bodies on local news channels, so I wrote this poem.

I share below the poem a video that appears the moment when the third airstrike hit the funeral hall building; also, I share some of the pictures of the victims.

Warning! this post includes graphic images some readers may find disturbing and shocking.

The Black Saturday

Going to funeral hall.

Consoling friends was their goal.

Thinking they are safe one and all.

Overlooking that their enemy has no humane soul.

Who worst estimates his enemy’s barbarity, death be his dole.

They were sad for losing one friend.

Now, all people for losing them are saddened.

Just mutilated and charred bodies were remained.

Brothers, your bodies all cold.

Drowning in a huge blood pond.

Mourners, your shattered bodies littering the earth’s mold.

But your voices will be hold.

Damn, for the nations of the black gold.


This video appears the moment when the third airstrike’s missile hit the funeral hall building.

Warning! this post includes graphic images some readers may find disturbing and shocking.

18 thoughts on “Poem: The Black Saturday 

  1. It’s really a soul-less world we live in. I don’t understand people any longer. There is simply no reason anymore. It used to be that at least hospitals, Doctors and people helping people were safe. Children/women maybe were spared. But now there is such cruelty. I’m so sad some days that I’m not sure I want to be on this earth anymore……..

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    1. ‘Why do we fight?’

      One answer is that we fight because we have something to fight for. But that brings about further questions. Do we fight for ourselves? A cause? A person? Power? Salvation?

      We could fight for any of these reasons or none of them, its just the world we live in.

      But it also begs the question.

      In this Souless World, who are you?

      [] A Raven, spreading its wings for the first time.
      [] The moon that revolves around the sun.
      [] A flower, too gentle for this bloodstained world.
      [] Crude iron, reforged into the strongest of steels.
      [] A spider weaving its web, hidden from the world.
      [] The loneliest of all, both weaker and stronger for it.

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      1. Very true. 🙂 but here we still have a question that is why all the murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and commit massacres in cold blood like what is happening in Yemen?
        It’s really a soulless world that we live in? 😥😥


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