Poem: Silence Is A War Crime

Tonight, I was inspired by seeing how the world ignore our suffering from this war which wagged on my country by the richest nations in the world.Far from the watchful eye of the world’s media, war is ravaging Yemen, killing thousands of civilians, and starving and displacing millions more.

But, the world has to realize that Yemeni people will never kneel on their knees to beg for mercy and plea for pity. This is the way we die, with our heads held high.

By all those thoughts, I wrote this poem.

Silence Is A War Crime

We are alone.

Suffering alone.

Starving alone.

Dreaming alone.

No one listens to our groan.

In a world as hard and gray as stone.


No one about our lives cares.

No soul of our sufferings shares.

Nobody to support us dares.

No one to our grievance hears.


Fears we never have shown.

Our kids life of cries and tears.

Of war years and dark fears.

To none but God is known.


Suffering in silence.

Facing the world in defiance.

No more on you we’re reliance.

For you’re hand in hand with our tyrants.


Our bloods slake our land.

The sea, the desert and the sand.

We’ve dug in deep, made our stand.

We will never kiss your hand.

Bravery is our invention brand.

There’s still something that you must understand.

No foreigner shall dominate over our homeland.

22 thoughts on “Poem: Silence Is A War Crime

      1. You know..
        we don’t know exactly how lucky 🍀 we are ..
        until we read stories like yours.. and come to realization.. that no matter how bad we think our lives are..
        Someone out there would love ❤️ to have we the live we have.. and think 💭 it’s paradise..

        Thanks 🙏🏻 for sharing.
        I pray that things vastly improved..soon

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      2. Very true!😊

        We don’t know how lucky we are.
        So when things are looking really bad.
        And you’re thinking of giving it a way.
        Remember, how other people live in other places and be grateful for the life you have.
        We don’t how fortunate we are to have that place.
        We don’t know how propitious are the circumstances.

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  1. I am so sorry for the people of Yemeni.. I think about our brothers and sisters suffering across the 🌎.. and it breaks my ❤️ when all they want is to know peace and safety and to grow old.. stay strong..

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  2. like so many events happening in the world ,what is happening in Yemen has been the subject of my dinner rants to my guest about the evil that goes on in the world( no guest has known about Yemen ,they all say that wasn’t on the news ) . ,But i must apologize to you and everyone else who suffers cause I’m as useless as tits on a bull to been able to change the world into a better place .

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