New: VOA words and their stories in one book

Here you find a collection of VOA words and their stories in one book.

Table of Content

A Chip on Your Shoulder
Ace in the Hole
All About Eyes
All About Names
Apple Pie Order When Everything Is Just Perfect
Back to Basics Staying Down to Earth
Back, Shoulders and Chest
Baloney It’s Just Not True
Baseball Terms This Is a Whole New Ballgame
Belittle Thomas Jefferson First Used This Word
Bird Words
Buff Are You a Buff About Something
Circus Some Agree It Is the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’
Clothing Expressions
Computer Terms Have You Googled Someone Lately
Dog Talk
Easy As Falling Off a Log Not Much Effort Involved!
English Expressions That Don’t Pan Out
Fall Guy
Farm Expressions
From Couch Potato to Cabin Fever
Get Your Act Together
Golden Rules and Golden Oldies
Green Expressions
‘Hair’ – More Than a Rock Musical
Have a Heart
Heart to Heart Some Heartfelt Expressions
Hold Your Horses
Holding the Bag
Hotheaded Hot Shot
I Feel Very Blue
If a Student’s Grades Hit Bottom, It Is Time to Hit the Books
In the Red When a Business is Losing Money
Insect Expressions
Like a Rolling Stone
Losing It
Military Expressions
Money Talks
Money, Part 1
Money, Part 2
Money, Part 3
More Clothing Expressions
More Expressions That Are Old and True
Mouth Expressions
Nuts and Bolts
Proverbs Ideas About How to Live
Proverbs Some Listeners’ Favorite Sayings
Pulling a Fast One
Santa Claus
Swan Song
Take This Medicine The Story of the Sign ‘Rx’
The Answer Is as Clear as the Nose on Your Face
The Cold, Hard Reality
To Buffalo To Win by Trick or Threat
Touching All Bases Baseball Rules!
Two Heads Are Better Than One
Water Diving Into a Sea of Terms
When the Cat’s Away
Where Did ‘OK’ Come From

Learn and have fun.

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