Short e-books from Bloomsbury international, quality English school in central London, for English beginners learning

Bloomsbury International is a friendly, independent English language school in the centre of London offering excellent quality English language courses at affordable prices.
Here are some of its short courses’ E-books:

1- How to apologize in English:

2- Interesting facts about English language:

3- How to write a CV in English:

4- British culture superstitions:

5- British English and American English:

6- Text message abbreviations:

7- Common English idioms and How to use them:

8- Improving English writing skills:

9- How to understand English accents:

10- Learning English with songs:

11- Learning English with movies:

12- English study tips:

Instructions to download these e-books:

1- click the link.

2- when the webpage opens, wait 5 seconds while the counting down finished on the top of the webpage

3- Then click a Skip Ad button on the top of the webpage.

تعليمات لفتح الروابط:

١- اضغط على الرابط لفتح الصفحة.

٢- عندما تفتح الصفحة انتظر خمس ثوان حتى انتهاء العد التنازلي في اعلى الصفحة .

٣- اضغط على زر Skip Ad الذي سيظهر بعد انتهاء العد التنازلي لتحميل الكتاب.

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